Wedding Group Portraits

Bridal party fun poses, Peak District countryside wedding

We prefer to work in a relaxed informal style. However, we are aware that its incredibly important to you and your families to have some formal group portraits.

These are the photos your grandparents want on the wall and they are a fantastic record of the family who have made the effort to come to the wedding, either they have travelled far or they are elderly.

Formal Wedding Portraits

Our approach to group photographs is to make sure we have a list of these before the wedding and I, myself handle the organisation and posing for these, trying to make sure that we have fun and that we don’t take too long!

With the wedding party its always fun to do different things, if you love funny poses or want to lift the bride (or groom!) up for some photos that’s great, we are happy to do whatever you like.

To date we have had all sorts of fun with jumping, running and even the odd flat cap toss photo (Yorkshire tradition!)

So don’t worry about the group photos on your wedding day – we will make sure they are quick, painless and of course beautiful!

Have a look at some of the examples below and leave a comment with your view on group photographs – are your dreading it? Have you got any fun suggestions?