Lake District Proposal Photography

Love is special, and getting engaged is a big, exciting moment, which makes Cumbria and the Lake District the perfect choice, providing a variety of stunning backdrops. We want to help you remember that magic forever – our surprise proposal photo sessions are all about taking pictures without you (or your partner!) even noticing, so you can relive the sweet moments later on.

Beautiful, Natural Photos

On the chosen day we are like ninjas, blending in so we can capture your real emotions without you feeling watched. We want to catch the natural smiles, stolen glances, and laughs that happen when you’re not posing. Our goal is to make sure your engagement photos show the genuine love you share.

One of our most memorable proposal sessions started with an email from Jack asking how we would feel about rowing out to a tiny island on Derwentwater early in the morning to hide and capture his proposal to his girlfriend Alice. We got our boat ready, loaded it with camera equipment and champagne and, despite a last minute change of location to the other end of the island, managed to capture the moment perfectly and discreetly, with Alice having no idea we were there until we emerged from the bushes with congratulations and champagne.

We know that this is a personal moment, so we work quietly and respectfully. Your privacy is important, and we want you to be the main focus in every picture. Our job is to make sure the photos feel intimate and personal.

Choose Your Vibe

Whether it’s a beach proposal at Allonby, a lake date at Derwentwater, or a fellside adventure in the heart of the Lake District, we adapt to your style. We use the natural light and surroundings to make each photo special. We want the pictures to tell your unique love story.

The Surprise Factor

There’s something really cool about capturing the moment when you don’t know the camera is there. It makes the pictures more real and full of emotion. From the first “wow” to the happy faces that follow, we are there to catch it all.

Following the proposal is a great opportunity to get some pictures for using on announcement cards or wedding invitations.

Keep the Memories Alive

The best part of surprise engagement photos is capturing those tiny moments that make your love story special. These photos are like time machines, letting you go back to the joy and excitement of your engagement day. You can share these pictures with your friends and family, creating memories that last a lifetime.

Our surprise engagement photo sessions are a fun and unique way to capture your special moments. Let us be the storytellers of your love journey, preserving the magic of your engagement day for years to come.

Cost – £250 includes USB of images (covers 30 miles distance from CA7 1BE)