About our style of Wedding Photography

Our aim when capturing your wedding photography images is to be as unobtrusive as possible.

Aside from the formal family portraits, all of our wedding photographs are taken completely naturally and unposed, allowing you to enjoy your day.

This style of photography may be referred to as reportage or documentary, we just know that it is the best way to capture the many emotions which will run throughout your wedding day.

Family Wedding Photographs

We understand that family portraits are an important part of your wedding photography and so always dedicate some time to make sure we photograph any groups of family or friends which are requested.

Our experience as wedding photographers also means we are able to suggest what groups work well which you may have forgotten about, as well as when to make them a bit more relaxed.

We are often told that people have had negative experiences of these formal portraits at other people’s weddings, but that we made them painless and enjoyable.

Intimate Wedding Portraits

After you have had time to mingle with your wedding guests we will take you away for a short time to capture some amazing images of you and your partner.

This also gives you a small break from the day and is often the first time you will be alone together.

Instead of us putting you in various uncomfortable poses we will find a nice area of the grounds with some fantastic light and let you be together while we photograph in the background.

This results in wonderfully natural images which you can look back on and enjoy.